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Hey Carrie Ann mix
My first observations were: how will I use the harmonica? How will I use those distorted guitars sounding like hell? I decided to let them in the background, and wash out the guitars with heavy loads of reverb. They pretty much disappeared in fact. A trick I used was to repitch them an octave lower to have a wider frenquency range to work with.

The voice had kind of a nasty grit in the treble section. I still tried to push the vocals in the right side of the spectrum, and to reduce this annoying noise, but maybe it would have been better to keep the great low and mid frequencies and make it darker. Anyway.

Then the biggest of the works were all the volume automations, to adjust each strings, dry or wet, and give them the proper place an momentum. EQ automation also, on the voices going from forefront to farther away, and also the piano whose low/mids had been hollowed out to make place for the cellos.

Another problem with this track is that it is a crescendo, meaning all the intensity is at the end. So even though I wanted to give it a compressed/pop feeling, I wasn't allowed to achieve loudness on the firsts acts of the track as the end act hit the ceiling already. Now I think I should have let the first part quite uncompressed, maybe it would have worked better.

.mp3    heycarrieann 2.mp3 --  (Download: 2.74 MB)