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Nerve 9: 'Pray For The Rain' -Rough Mix
Hi guys .That's a quick mix .There are lots of process to do .I hope you like it.

.mp3    pray for .mp3 --  (Download: 12.42 MB)


.mp3    pray for rain.mp3 --  (Download: 13.1 MB)

Hi Mammy - thanks for mixing our track ! Firstly, really liked the gentle treatment of the intro guitar - really suited the track.

Drums sound great - they seem to featured in this mix - may be intentional, but subjectively felt a little loud. Bass guitar and distorted guitar parts a little quiet I think. The latter causes impact to be lost in the chorus parts/bringing in the chorus.

Panning choice on the solo guitar seems a little wide until the harmony part comes in - perhaps some automation to widen it until then? The solo guitar could also benefit from some more delays or effects I think that - another way to achieve the width I think you are going for.

Middle section/bridge sounds great !

Really like the aesthetic of the outro part - same comment on the solo gtr panning/delays and more distorted guitar to increase the dynamics and impact.

Lead vocal treatment throughout sounded good to me - and tasteful BVs.

Really cool - thanks again for mixing our track !


Thanks for listening and your comments.Your song is amazing .I really like it .Mixing your song is honour for me .Thank you very much .