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What I want - mix by Brian at Axis Sounds
I enjoyed mxing this track.

It's well played, well recorded and loads of mics to choose from.

Used mainly:

Black Rooster FET (1176)
Black Rooster LA-2A
Waves DBX 160
Slate's FG-Stress

Waves Q10 for the precise stuff
API 550B for broader strokes
SSL Channel-E series

Slate's TH-U bass amp for some gentle crunch
SoundToys Little Radiator for something similar
Avid HEAT blended on everything

Avid's Space running the EMT140
Revibe II
Soundtoys Tremolator (barely noticeable)

I ran it through Slate's FG-X mastering tool just to lift it a little. It's sitting at about -15LUFS. Any comments please let me know.

- Brian

.mp3    The Brew - What I Want - Mix by Brian at Axis Sounds.mp3 --  (Download: 8.95 MB)