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Roar-Mixdown with Lap Steel Guitar
This is my version of Roar. While mixing it, I always had that sound of a lap steel guitar in my head, so I just had to record one. I couldn't resist.
This is not a mastered version, though, please keep that in mind.
If you like it please don't forget to rate it by giving it stars. Smile
Thank you!

.mp3    DIESEL_Roar_Mixdown.mp3 --  (Download: 6.04 MB)

Good job with this It sounds very authentic
Nice addition with the lap steel. I had thought a violin would be a nice add, but alas I can't do scratch on a violin. I really like you guitar presentation here. It drives the song well and fills the stereo field nicely. I like how you ended the song too. Nicely done.
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