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An Ultra Violet Apology - a mix by Brian at Axis Sounds
Hey folks.

Here is my mix down with a little production master on it.

Most of the problems here were perhaps performance based. It'd have been good to produce this record on the way in and tighten up some of the takes. I also phase aligned the kick, snare and overheads.

I enjoyed the song and went for an Elliot Smith sort of vibe by blending in a doubler with 4 voices on the main track. I also autotuned the vocal then blended it in with the original to try and give it more of a double-tracked sound.

I tried to get rid of the plectrum-on-string sound that dominated some of the clean guitar sounds without killing the overall tone of the instrument. A tricky one; I used Scheps Omni Channel DS2 to try and combat this as best I could.

I struggled balancing the snare and the ride-cymbal-heavy overheads but it does have a nice big roomy sound in the end. I was happy with the snare and once I stopped focusing on the ride it blended well for me.

Slate All Access
Scheps Omni-Channel
Transient Master
Avid Space
Devil-Loc Deluve
Abbey Road TG Mastering Console
Slate FG-X
SSL Native suite.

Any one want to chat about their mix? Let me know.

- Brian

.mp3    AUA Master.mp3 --  (Download: 12.53 MB)