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Peer Review! Needed for my Mixing class 4600-02
Hey everyone!
I just finished mixing this song. I am still learning how to mix so any and all comments/help/critical feedback is welcomed.
Please tell me what I did wrong/right and what could be done better!!

Thank you !!

Professor Hanson this is my mix

.m4a    BLAIR_LAB3_03 2.m4a --  (Download: 6.45 MB)

Hey Chuck ,
Nice Mix ,Some things that come to mind listening on my old NS10's I like the Vocals and effects ,sounds a little mono except for the panned guitars and organ , thinking some bottom end of the male backing vocals could be rolled off a touch more .
The top end of the snare bottom is popping out the mix a touch.
The kick has a nice punch listening on horror tones maybe a touch more kick beater to translate on small monitors .
The bass guitar needs to come up more not sure if it is competing with the kick or a maybe a phase alignment issue issue.

Cheers Big Grin

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