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Hey Jonesy. Can I have the "Wake-Up" track?

I love this song and I'd like to do my mix of it.

There is a vocal part at approx. 3:30 in the reference track that says "Wake-Up"!. I really like it, but it's missing from the supplied files. Or I can't find where it is.

Can you please upload that track.

Cheers, Steve.
Hey Steve, I realized that too after I heard a few mixes without it, oops!
I'm not sure what's going on with the reply section here but I'm not seeing the full message I type out. On the chance that you're not seeing it too, I was just saying that I moved recently and don't have my computer so can't provide the file. Feel free to add your own whisper though I feel like you could easily get the same effect. I look forward to hearing your mix!
Not a problem, Thanks.

I think there is something strange going on with the forum. Normally I get notifications, but not this time.