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Machines On Treadmills_Stixstudios
I came across this song a couple of weeks ago.

I like the tune and lyrics.

My mixed version is attached.



Just wanted to say that I really love this song. Thanks, James Fabios. I love the lyrics, vocals, and the music.

I made sure not to listen to, too much other mixes. Otherwise they may cloud "my" ideas. When my mix was done and posted, then I listened to ALL the other versions of that mix.

Really!, I did. I listened back to ALL the previous posters versions of the song (ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!). There are so many great mix versions - pieces here and there that are amazing, fantastic and nice "visions"... things I've never thought of.

Especially the way other people interpret the main words: "We're just machines on treadmills"... very varied and interesting.

Wonderful. Thanks.

.mp3    Machines On Treadmills_Final3 more bass.mp3 --  (Download: 9.29 MB)

Hi there its not the type of music i usually listen too but i must say its sounds nice,just try bringing up the vocal a bit more?thanks for sharing your mix.
Reaper user
Thanks for the feedback Cudjoe.

Interestingly the last thing I did was turn the (male) vocals down a tad - I thought it was too loud!!

After 3 days, I've listened again. I think you are correct in that the vocals are too soft. I've found it always difficult to make the vocals sit properly within the mix. When you concentrate too much on one thing, then it appears to be louder.

I've attached another version with louder vocals - I've probably gone too far the other way this time. Big Grin

.mp3    Machines On Treadmills_Louder Vox_v1.mp3 --  (Download: 9.29 MB)