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Mixing Opener
Had sooo much fun with this as a big band guitarist.I know this genre requires more organic sound and little to no processing but in this case I treated it a bit like commercial record(Lots of compressions,automation) Hope It doesn't sound too squashed and remains natural.
  • Opener#2
Few adjustments-More reverb and cleaned a bit some of this washy/edgy 2 kHz area.I also tried some bus drum fattening cause drums sounded really weak compared to the horn ensemble to me.

.mp3    Opener.mp3 --  (Download: 2.94 MB)

.mp3    opener#2.mp3 --  (Download: 5.87 MB)

Hi Davie,

Being a BB musician you're going to know a lot more about this genre than myself so take the following comments with a grain of salt.Dodgy

I really like the balance across the floor. The dynamics and compression seem to be tastefully executed for my taste also. I found a little build up of upper mid frequencies around the 2.5khz that made things a little hash. Also I found the space around the performance a little undefined overall.

I hope you don't mine, I included a version of your mix with a gentle cut centred at 2.4khz and adding some slight ambience overall. This seemed to help settle the mix nicely within a space and bring it more into line with some material I referenced. Once again, I hope you don't mind. I have got into trouble for doing this thing before.

Anyway you did a nice job of this one regardless.Smile


.mp3    The Opener_Ambience.mp3 --  (Download: 5.91 MB)

Man of course not I'm happy you did it and you proved your point-It was just too dry.I was really careful with reverb cause I wanted to achieve more upfront close sound(At least I convinced myself It sounds that way)But when I referenced that toady It really sounded like recorded in practice room.Thanks for your help Dave till next mix Smile
Sounding a lot more assembled this time round. I finding it sounding a little lossy though. Are you uploading @320bps?
Just updated to 320