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What is this thing called love - my mix
Hello, this is my version... please have a listen and comment.

I'm waiting for your help Smile

.mp3    What Is This Thing Called Love.mp3 --  (Download: 8.39 MB)

It sounds really good. What did you do?
(07-10-2019, 07:58 PM)lmat Wrote: It sounds really good. What did you do?

First of all, thanks for your comment Imat.

I panned drums a little left and piano a little right, with upright bass centered.
Piano has no eq at all, bass has a cut at 3 kHz and compressed. Drums was more worked... First a noise gate on the Kick channels, then eq'ed (cut HF on Kick beater).
Low cut on snare and overheads and a compression on snare, plus others eq.
Volume adjustment and at least a few reverb on snare, overheads and piano... that's (almost) all.
The noise gate on Kick channel will remove a lot of the snare sound on that channel, right? Also cutting high frequencies on kick does the same thing. Low cut on snare make it sound like you used the snare channel a good deal. I found it too ringy to be useful. It sort of sounded like a snare drum without the snare. These seem like the wrong things to do, but your mix sounds excellent.

Bravo, Uncle C.