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The Long Wait - Dark Horses

My mix. Comments welcomed, as always.


.mp3    The Long Wait - Dark Horses.mp3 --  (Download: 11.16 MB)

Hi Mike

I really like the guitars and low "explotion" when the bass kick in. Maybe I find it just a tad too undefinable ... or maybe I just dig it ... I can't really tell myself Big Grin

I am sorry, but I don't understand the drums. If they're supposed to sound ... not un-drum-like, but less natural, I like them. On the other hand, if they're supposed to sound like drums ... well, then I am not a fan.

The vocals sounds really compressed. I think that's a shame for this kind of music, but maybe that's just me? I guess, I'm more into a ... more au natural appropch for this Smile

Anyways, it's always nice hearing your mixes. You seem t know your s**t, and that's alwas nice. The rest ... that's just differences in taste and preferences Smile

Nice job. Keep it up and stay healthy Smile
I have a Polish friend, who is a sound engineer. Oh, and a Czech one too.


Actually, this was the best mix I could do at the time. Seems a long time ago to me in mixing terms, but wasn't that long ago really. The drums were supposed to sound like drums Big Grin.

One thing for sure is that I definitely do not know my sh*t, but am learning and trying to keep moving forward all the time.

I must say it is quite interesting to read your comments on some of my 'older' mixes. This mix doesn't sound as bad as I might have feared, however your comments are fair, and I think it is quite over processed really.

Yeah, I too would take a completely different, lighter approach to mixing this if I were to have a go at it today. Maybe I should have another try at it some time, as I can hear quite a lot that I got 'wrong', aside from differences in taste Big Grin.