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"Contact" Mix
and thanks for listening. Any Feedback is highly appreciated.

My original mix has some "light" bus-processing on it. Including a Limiter which did like 3dB of GR at some rare points so i could get the whole thing to -14LUFS.
This Mix_v5 is "my intended version" but i wanted to add the Master that LandR got for me. (brought it to -11,5LUFS)
I don't know what they're doing but it's kinda working (on the "Medium"-Setting).
I can't get myself to compress the Lowend like that or LimitClippingExciting the Snaretransients or whatever.

About the Mix: I was trying to get a more focused Sound by focusing my Workflow. Setting clear priorities, not getting sidetrackted as much, taking regular breaks and stuff like that. As a result i'm pretty happy with the technical side of things and really uncertain if this Mix is "underprocessed" or "to dry". I'm missing some "sparkly-stuff" here and there and LandR only kindof solves it with its Exciterthingy.
For example i can't get my Reverb-levels quite where i like them Confused Should I spend more hours with that? At this point i don't know when i'm done or when i'm overdoing it Huh

I'd be happy to gain some feedback and inputs. (btw. i automated the Feedback-gain in this one part where the guitar.....) Sorry.
Well, i'd be glad to have whatever reason to revisit this track for corrections and new ideas. Such great performances are so awesome to mix. Thanks!

.mp3    190920_Contact_v5-14LUFS.mp3 --  (Download: 12.4 MB)

.mp3    190920_Contact_v5_LandR-Master.mp3 --  (Download: 7.44 MB)