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Contact (BCS Mix)
I think everyone can agree that the bleed on vocal mic makes this track a nightmare to mix, lol. Took me WAY too long to make something out of it. Very nice song, though. I can't decide whether it'd be better recorded this way as a live band, or recorded separately and compromise the feel of this kind of song, if you know what I mean.

.m4a    \'Contact\' (BCS Final Mix).m4a --  (Download: 12.53 MB)

I dig it!
Not sure how I feel about the panned horns on this one. Seems to take away from them sounding like a section. But that's just a personal preference. If the horns were a little less wet in the feature section I think they would pop more and the kick seams to dry compared to the rest of the mix. Really its just nit picky stuff.