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Talk to Me Baby - RoyM Mix
Here's a go I had at this one.

Mix 1: ZCaF-TalkToMeBaby-RMMix01d
I've avoided this song for a while for some reason. I did mix it before but never enjoyed it. It's well recorded but I'm not sure about the arrangement. There's a lot of stuff going on for a simple song. I assume that maybe they were going for a Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" thing considering it's a bit of a period piece. I toyed with the idea following through on that but nixed it because i was lazy and wanted to work on some other things. So in the end this is more of a straight ahead, modern mix with some 60's flavors like spring reverbs and tape delays. Or at least, emulations of such. I'll admit I focused more on the core of the band, the rhythm section and vocal. The other elements I didn't give as much effort. And, I think that's fine in the end. They still support the song. Anyway. Here's a mix I did while waiting for the next new uploads. I know it's old and uninteresting to most. So, deal.

Edit: Ok, the vocal might want to come up.

Feel free to comment or critique or complain or tell me my ears suck. I can take it.

.mp3    ZCaF-TalkToMeBaby-RMMix01d.mp3 --  (Download: 7.26 MB)

I only have earbuds to listen and mix with at the moment. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Mix the song, not the tracks (<-pithy)