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Please critique my mix. Thanks
Good morning. This is my mix .. what do we think about ? Please critique it. Thanks.

.mp3    Window - TrickBird.mp3 --  (Download: 6.33 MB)

I like it. I think it feels slightly "aggressive" I think the bass and drums could go back a bit. The snare and cymbals tend to draw the focus from the vocals. I think it's the upper midrange that does it. A lot of things seem to be in that area, The snare, cymbals, tamb, claps, panned guitar hits in the bridge all kind of poke out at bit. it's minor and I might be over analyzing but that's what jumps out at me.

I really like the chorus vocal balance. For whatever reason it never occurred to me to have the LD Voc DTs be the focus and feel like a continuation of the verse vocal. It works so much better that way. And those hard "C"s in Calling don't bother me like they do in other mixes, my own included.

I think it's a really good mix. I think it could be softened a bit but I don't know if I'd worry about it too much.
Good job.
I only have earbuds to listen and mix with at the moment. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Mix the song, not the tracks (<-pithy)
Thanks for your response. I'll try to reduce a bit the Bass and clear a bit the kick.
Thank you