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Die Young-Sonictramp Mix
Thanks for the listen! I hope you like my mix.
*I downloaded the file folder and there are a few missing audio files: no acoustic guitar, no background vocal. Hope it's only me Smile!

The hardest for me in this song is to mix the bass and not letting it over power everything else. I ended up with very aggressive LP to leave room for the vocal and the snare. Speaking of the snare, man, it's always a bitch for me to mix it. Yeah, I want it fat and snappy, too, but that doesn't always happen for me. I think I do ok on this one though.

I also worked hard on the track called "track-active DI." I thought my mix would fall apart without it; it provides some teeth.

A couple of delay, no reverb, and some fancy automation moves.

Let me know what you think! Thanks.

.mp3    dieyoung-sonictrampMIX.mp3 --  (Download: 6.95 MB)