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DieYoung my Mixdown
And here is my Mixdown of this song
Every feedback is welcome.

.mp3    dymb_session.mp3 --  (Download: 4.02 MB)

Sometimes less is more ;-)
good mix! I like the treatments of the vocal and the snare, very punchy. However, I think you can still afford a little more low end. There is an awesome bass line in the chorus. The bass also spiked up (~1:00 on) briefly. Perhaps you want to check it out to make sure. I also like the "ear-candy" in the chorus. Good job!
Thank you very much.
You are right! The bass spiked up ( i didnt notice that) also there could be a little more low end to the whole song.
Sometimes less is more ;-)
You are welcome, my friend. That's the beauty of having a second pair of ears. I don't mind helping out. After all, we are all in it together, so we might as well help each other out. And I do know how frustrating it can be not knowing how awesome our mixes are or...not! Smile. Mix on, bruh.