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Who I Am Mix

Realy Nice Page,

hope u enjoy my first mix (without master)

.mp3    Who I AM.mp3 --  (Download: 6.86 MB)

Listnin on headphones.

First the voice could be tad louder, but the mix and levels are good, except for the big piece of the cake given To the kick and snare. It may suit other styles no doubt, but this is vocal music, and noones louder than the guy who sings country. Even kick and snare isnt Big Grin
Also some deessin would make a greater mix, also on the effectsends when you make it as bright ad you do some esses explode in verb and echo ( do you low and hicut effect sends ? I sometimes also colour returns, but have a standard locut 600 hicut 6 kilo on sends and most o the time the hicut is lowered, sometimes down to 3 kilo )

Small changes that can make your good mix gredt. To my ears. And congrats on the choice of dry snare. Actually suits the song !
Old ears, old gear, little boy inside love music and sounds and my wife, not necessarily in that order
Thank you I will again revise the mix in the morning. Voice is a little quiet OK Snar too loud. the rest are good sounding personally. Thanks for the comment.
I add only on the Guitar Solo TC d-two ping pong delay! Otherwise only reverb.
sorry i meant on the Banjo Smile

.mp3    Who I Am 2.mp3 --  (Download: 6.88 MB)

Hi there DanielR, i like the overall mix you have made, i think that the bass drum and snare are too loud for the style of music specially in comparison to the lead vocals and the rest of instruments.
I also hear a little too much brightness in the vocal, and a little to much fx, to my taste at least.

I hope it helps you, keep it up

Cheers!! My studio web site A blog i write about all things audio.

(30-10-2013, 09:15 PM)DanielR Wrote: Hi

Realy Nice Page,

hope u enjoy my first mix (without master)

OK, whoa dude! What in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did you do to the drums?! Huh I thought the last mix I heard was too punchy; with this one I just about tripped scrambling for the volume control when the drums started (I tend to walk around the room when listening to a mix). Undecided

My first recommendation is to drop ANY processing you applied to the drums, aside from any low frequency boost you applied to the kick; THAT sounded good, aside from a little too much of the kicks "skin" impact which you might tame a little. And dial the level of the drums overall back a notch or two; they should "punch" but not THAT much... Tongue

Second, the fiddle, banjo, actually ALL the backing instruments were WAY too low in the mix. Yes, with star vocal performances like these it's important to keep them out front but again there's such thing as too much of a good thing; the instruments are begging for higher levels for more presence.

Speaking of the vocals, that was the plus side. Aside from the backing vocals being a little too low I'm impressed with the stereo "space" you managed to give that single backing vocal; how did you do that? Cool
John A. Ardelli
Pedaling Prince Pictures
(01-11-2013, 10:08 AM)DanielR Wrote: Update

Better. Snare isn't quite as in-your-face but still a little on the overly punchy side; sounded good at first but towards the end of the song it started to feel like someone was punching me on the bridge of the nose. Undecided Once again, I'd take out whatever effects processing you have on the drums and just play the tracks raw at a SLIGHTLY lower level.

I DO like the sound of the kick drum here. It's a little high in the mix but it does have a nice solid "thump" to it. Big Grin

Backing vocals and supporting instruments are still too low here IMHO; they need to be brought forward a good three decibels, I think. Reverb on the vocals seems like a bit much but it may work once the instrument levels are brought up.
John A. Ardelli
Pedaling Prince Pictures