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Hollow Ground - Ill Fate
The guitars are reamped through my Line 6 Helix and i blended them with the original guitars to get a really nice and gritty sound. They are the only reamped instrument.

I mixed this on a pair of Audio Techinca M50x and a pair of KRK V8s

Ver. 2 Edits: I used a dynamic eq to tighten up the low end for the guitars and bass and to a subtler extent, smooth out the high end of the overheads. Also tried to make the drums more punchier with a transient processor. For the vocals i used a saturation plugin to give them more grit and also adjusted the compressor to be less aggressive and more "open". After bouncing down and putting the file into Audition, i used a brickwall limiter to -3 db then raised the mix by 3 db, hence it being louder.

.mp3    Hollow Ground - Ill Fate (Mastered + MP3).mp3 --  (Download: 3.13 MB)

.mp3    Hollow Ground - Ill Fate Ver. 2 (Mastered + MP3).mp3 --  (Download: 3.14 MB)