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Shore - My Mix -
What a fun tune!

Would love to get feedback Smile


.mp3    SHORE M6.mp3 --  (Download: 8.69 MB)

I've been having trouble listening to other peoples mixes of Shore w/o downloading.

Is anyone else having this issue? Perhaps it's because I'm using Safari.
Just a friendly bump. Would love to get some feedback.. looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly Big Grin
Hi ENR, I really love the vocal treatment of your mix. The guitars sound good too.

The drums are very unusual. I'm not sure whether your treatment of them is deliberate, as they sound very muted in the high end - almost like everything above 500hz is rolled off. I think I would just prefer to hear a little more treble in the track in general.

I can hear the low end of the kick on my studio setup, but when I listened earlier on my little grotbox speakers at work, all I could hear was the low end of the snare drum. That worked somewhat for the verses, but the choruses completely lost any drive or momentum, as the bass seemed to disappear.

Not sure what vibe you're going for here - I can hear something interesting happening, but I'm not sure it has been fully brought to fruition. Hope that helps!
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FytaKyte - Thanks for the great feedback! Super grateful for your recommendations Smile