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Candlebox: 'Happy Pills'
I haven't been on here much recently as things have been busy, but I was excited to see an opportunity to mix a Candlebox song! Being a huge fan of 90's rock, this felt like a privilege to mix and I enjoyed every minute of it. I mixed it in a way that I liked to hear rock from this era. Yes, there is a blended kick sample, as I was not happy with the distinct lack of beef in the raw kick drum tracks. Feedback and comments always welcome.


.mp3    Happy Pills_01.mp3 --  (Download: 7.78 MB)

It feels pretty good. No real complaints. I think the guitars could come back a hair. They prevent me from turning the song up more than I'd like. But, I think that's just a personal preference of mine on this song in general. Good job.
Hi Roy, thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the feedback and will further reference those guitars. Cheers, Mick
Hey mick!

I think i might agree with the guitar being turned down, at least in the verse. You might be able to pull a little bit more motion by automating the guitar up when the second guitar kicks in, then when the chorus hits, maybe bring them up a dB or so. Kinda nit picky thoughts. The biggest offense to me was the quick spoken vocal part was a bit quiet and dark.

All of that said, I think it is a pretty awesome mix, with the right 90's vibe. Nice work!

Hi Draper, thanks for stopping by. Appreciate your thoughts and feedback, will likely upload a tweaked mix soon.