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'Die Young' AndyGallas Mix
My try, hope you like it :)

.mp3    DieYoung_ag.mp3 --  (Download: 6.95 MB)

Yeah! I think this mix is awesome.
Thank you very much!
Very good. Very powerful and well articulated parts. A little concerned about the imbalance in the image with the guitar on the left. Did you try putting a delayed guitar on the right to balance the guitar in the image? With the prominence of the part, placing on one side or the other seems out of character.
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It feels fine. I kept MitC's concern about the imbalance in mind while listening and it didn't bother me, to be honest. It was a casual listen, but to be fair, so would most most of the average listeners. And I'm ok with stereo imbalance any way. So, yeah. I wasn't thinking critically but casually, on a Monday morning, it felt fine. It goes on the record.
I only have earbuds to listen and mix with at the moment. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Mix the song, not the tracks (<-pithy)
Thank you Mixinthecloud and Roy for your comments.
Yeah I did the old school LCR Panning with the guitar hard left like on some older records.

I don't mind the left guitar. I know it's a live performance with only one guitar track. But you know they would double track these riffs in a studio, so I personally would try to fill out the sound with some haas or reverb on the opposite of the dry guitar or something.

All the tones are great, if anything, maybe the drum tones are a bit too isolated sounding, and getting more room around them would more fitting to this track.