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Shore, Motor Tapes
Fortunately all the tracks i like seem to have a mix rescue which is great for practice!

pretty much did everything same on the mix rescue except parallel compression, doing the hass thing and adding more to snare. mainly for practice as it helps with process. .

compressing guitar so the vocals could fit in works pretty well
but longer pause in phrase and it becomes more obvious.
using non-third party plugins helped with cpu usage and i was surprised at how good the plugins in fl studio are, like reverb eq and delay.

I haven't done anything else to snare, as there was in the
mix rescue but think might need adjusting

Let me know what you think


.mp3    Motor Tapes- Shore 1.mp3 --  (Download: 9.42 MB)

There are some creative choices in here for sure.. having the snare off to the left! Smile The intro was a bit loud and there are a couple instances where it sounds like the music is ducking the vocals. Fun song and a fun mix! You might save some of the hard panning for the chorus to help with the transition.
The vox levels are way too loud and the backing vox are lost.Use gates to clean things up and check phase as the snare sounds out .Also listen to your h hats they are a lot louder than your snare drum.Every beginner makes that mistake (you will listen for that in the future )
Hope this helps .Keep up the practice