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kat wright - Contact (Spandex Mix)
Good day ladies and germs,

so its been a bit hectic but ive managed to sneak off a mix today '
as always any critique is welcome

Let me know

Thanks in Advance

.mp3    Kat Wright-Contact.mp3 --  (Download: 12.43 MB)

That's ladies and viruses, to you...LOL

Mostly good tones on the ensemble. Her voice sounds like there is a bubble about it. Very good bass but maybe out of context at times. The environment is interesting if not too deep which steals some energy. When the horn break comes in they sound spot on. If it stayed in that context through the song I'd enjoy it more especially as it builds toward the end of the song. Overall, not a bad go at it. Nicely engineered.
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Thx. I agree totally on the bass. I think if I spent a lot more time and a little bit of automation it could sit a lot better. The horn break goes up a lot simply to mask the fact the lead Mic was cut out and with all the bleed in it I needed to fill the gap.

As always thanks for the critique