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Mix Boogie Snakes - It's My Right
Hi, I'm Juan from Argentina. I'm mixing again after many years, it was always a hobby. But now I am determined to work on this. I don't have any study on mixing, I do it self-taught. Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to make the mixes properly. I don't have monitors, I just have some common speakers, but at least I have a Sennheiser 202 HD headset. to mix use samplitude pro x and waves plugins. I wanted to know if you think I have capacity in this or not

.mp3    Boogie Snakes - It\'s My Right.mp3 --  (Download: 9.72 MB)

Man tons of gears dont mean you will make perfect dont have enough material but you make a mix so good that non of the professionals dont make it with theirs expensive analog gears.mixing and mastering is an ability.ı see that your mix is perfect and your ability is higher than the gears.keep it up .dont give up .you can learn and success everthing!!!