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Ale Lak Nosso mundo deixou de existir Raphael Oliveira
Hello everyone! Really happy to see a band from my country here!

I mixed this quickly today after work, so my ears were already tired and some things may be off. But it's a really exciting and fun song, so I wanted to post it here to hear your thoughts.

I felt that the kick was a little bit too pointy, so I blended it with a sample from GGD's Modern and Massive kit. I also blended the snare with one of the Kohle Drumforge snares. I don't know if that's considered cheating. If so, I'm sorry!

I was really happy that the DIs were provided. I ran them through the Diezel VH4 by brainworks and blended the ampsim sound with the guitar tracks provided.

The mix was done mostly using bx_console E apart from some surgical eq in Pro Q3 on the guitars and bass. I also used an 1176 on the Lead vocals.

I had the UAD 4k buss compressor on the mix buss, then I used bx_masterdesk just for loudness.

Hope you enjoy it!

.mp3    AleLak_Nosso Mundo Raphael.mp3 --  (Download: 7.05 MB)

Same mix with some small tweaks. I felt that it was a bit bass heavy so I turned down the bass and kick.

.mp3    AleLak_Master 1_2.mp3 --  (Download: 7.05 MB)