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Primakova "The Glass"
Bit challenging for me, an extra pair of ears might help, not very convinced any suggestions are welcome. Thanks..

.mp3    The Glass_JeffMix4.mp3 --  (Download: 8.11 MB)

Hi all,
Revisited this mix and created more space with width..i believe this particular version sounds better than the first i posted above..

.mp3    The Glass_Edited_Mix_1.mp3 --  (Download: 8.11 MB)

Few more adjustments on this mix..tucked the low end a bit, i noticed that because of my small monitors i was getting the low end to loud or too low for most of my mixes, hope this balances that.

.mp3    TheGlass_Remaster.mp3 --  (Download: 8.11 MB)


I think there is also a problem in the way you perceive the mix itself.
Personally I dont listen to the original version of the song before I do my mix. It allows me to do it my way without being influenced and trying to copy what has been done.

Your mix is more like a remix than a mix. I think that if you deliver this to the artist he won't appreciate.
You have to respect the artist view. This means allowing every instrument to sit properly in the mix.

Also the voice is not treated, it's destroyed. You have to ask yourself: is it pleasant to listen this voice singing?

The 2nd version is better than the third one. I mean the third one is just the 2nd version with an EQ boost for low end.
The repartition of the frequency has to be done instrument per instrument. Not in the entire mixbus.
You have to think of every instrument has a part of a whole song: who brings what ? who has something not necessary ?
You want low end: you have the bass, the kick, the electric guitar and even the piano bringing some of that.
You want clarity: you have the voice, the accoustic guitar, the fiddle.

Well, I would suggest you to start over from the beginning for this song or to start a new one.

I will look if you made new mix since december and listen to it.