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My mix on Mute
That was a difficult mix to do..

Not much things i could done, because of the spill, so i stick with pretty dry vocals.
I will not analyse what i did, because i want to here some suggestions from listeners view..

.mp3    Mute.mp3 --  (Download: 8.77 MB)

Sounds like a mix from a rehearsal in a club pulled from the mixer. A bit raw and suits the song very well. Also it sounds like you used the spill from right guitar in left guitars mic to give it space ( dont you love marshall amps and deaf guitarists Big Grin ) adding some similar verb slightly to left guitar would balance the space a bit.
And if you gave the right guitar the verb artificially forget what I said. ;-)

I like your mix
Old ears, old gear, little boy inside love music and sounds and my wife, not necessarily in that order
Hey Voelund!
Thanks for stoping by on this one too.
It was pretty much strait forward what i should do on this song, the spill on vocals was TO much
( i was thinking to find a plug in, for lowering the noise floor, to bring down the spill a little bit bat i dint do it Tongue)
I use extra sample for the snare too, because of the phase with the vocal track..
On the guitars i duplicate them and put a short delay on one side to widen them, on the ''left'' guitar i may dint pay attention on the settings of the delay, thats why
is like reverb on one side..Tongue
I used only one plate for the snare, and a tinny amount on the vocals, just to be more glued on the song, and last a stereo short delay for some automations on vocals.

I really dont love marshall hehehehee, i am more an orange guy!Smile

I recommend that song, for practicing with ''weird'' recordings!It was a challenge for me, and i am very happy you like it dude!Big Grin
The voice feels too loud. It makes the band sound weak.

The drums in this kind of disco pattern for my taste should sound more powerful. The kick for example gets lost a lot of times. And the backbeat snare should be stronger.

The guitars lacks some meat, and may some hi mids.

The bass sounds nice.
Please comment on others mixes, this site is all about feedback.
Hey jeremias.Smile
I agree with you for the kick and the guitars.

Bat for the snare i dont agree, i like the way it sounds a bit trashy..
The vocals feels loud bat its because they dont have reverb.
I didnt use reverb because the spill was to much and the hole song becomes trashy.
Anyway for the levels and placement of the song i am very happy, thats how i perceive the song, hopping is not to far from the bands perspective!