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Kat Wright-Mix in box
I hope you like it, and greetings from the city of Rosario-Argentina.-[/font]

.mp3    KAT WRIGHT-FULL MIX.mp3 --  (Download: 12.38 MB)

Hello here are my observations

*Voice sounds boxy and lifeless... try some reverb and add some top end.
*Something odd about the drums. I think you are using all the mics provided with it.. I'd knock down several and leave the most important up.
*Balance overall is quite good
*on the drums it sounds like you didn't highpass much. I can hear that low end rumble when the kick is playing by itself. I'd highpass the mics too and instruments .. most of their super sub end doesn't work here.
*bass needs more definition it sounds very dull.. there is no brightness to it.
*horns sound very good in my opinion.. just add a bit of reverb.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your comments and opinion. I fully agree, I think I should devote more time to this mix.
I am testing my new studio, with new software and hardware, and this is a good way to test what I hear in the new room.
I will make a new mix, and I hope you dedicate part of your valuable time to criticize it.
I like how you listen.
Thank you