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Life Gets In The Way (BCS Mix)
Another nice song from Fyta Kyte! Pretty challenging one, too. I had to spend quite a lot of time tuning vocals on this one, and I find the drums a little hard to work with. I hope it turns out good, though. It's up for you guys to decide!

.m4a    Life Gets In The Way (BCS Mix 5).m4a --  (Download: 9.62 MB)

Hi BCS - Nice sounding mix! Good balances, powerful drums and guitars, nice tight low end. I also liked the effect on the "chicken cluck" guitar lines - that provides some personality. I also like the vocal treatment for the most part, although the brightness of the ambience on the lead vocal tends to not work very well in the verses as it does in the choruses. In the verses, the lead vocal tends to sound a little bit too "unglued" from the rest of the mix.

Here are a few things that aren't working so well for me:
- The top end of the mix is a little on the dull side - the cymbals sound a little too attenuated to me - I'm just missing the sparkle up there.
- Although the drums sound powerful and punchy, they sound a little "generic" and lacking in personality - I think something a little more individual suits the slightly quirky nature of the lyrics better.
- The slide solo at the beginning is really dull and buried in the mix.
- Some of the bridge vocals have actually been tuned to the wrong notes

Overall, a pretty cool sounding mix that could be excellent with a few significant tweaks.

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