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New Mixer giving this a shot!
Hey all,

I'm still learning and I found this very challenging. For fun I sorta went in a different direction; over-saturating the vox and such. I didn't use any of the DI instruments. Curious to hear what y'all think.

Love any feedback.

.mp3    Adam Buckley v1.1 wideGuitars.mp3 --  (Download: 7.63 MB)

Mix seems quite nice, but the distortion it's way too much for me.
How about a parallel 'saturate' channel and blend it in?
whoopsi that is loud! Smile
yeah, distortion on LVox maybe a little over the top.
well done!
I like it. I think it could use a lpf and a little low mids brought it the thicken it up some. and some fx to smooth it out some more into the music. with the distortion on the vocal like that i feel like the bass is is sitting to high on the spectrum and needs a deeper sound. I am not sure how you did your heavy guitars, but at the end of the song there is a fake wide sound. maybe from some widening plugs or something. but it is smearing the stereo image and make them sound more like a wide mono brink on the mix, rather than spread with room for the vocals in the center. The drums sound nice but i think making the cymbals taller in the spectrum with give the mix more size. not louder they right now may be too loud but more 16k + and less in the top of the guitars. I like the stereo movement on those accoustics towards the end.