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3rd time is the charm (?)
Re-thought and re-did the entire mix. Definitely better than my 2nd try.

Please leave any suggestions or comments. Always looking to learn more to make my mixes better.

.mp3    Life Gets In The Way.mp3 --  (Download: 8.46 MB)

Hey Kjedrusiak, this sounds very good - I like the mix overall - balances and sounds are good.

One thing I'd suggest is just to brighten up the lead vocal a bit - it needs a bit of "air". That may also help to stop the sibilants from being masked and swallowed. They are sounding a little bit "lispy" at present.

Nice work!
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I had actually put LPFs on the vocals as they was sounding too crispy to me. Will back those off a bit and sort it out.
Tweaked as per suggestion above. Tweaked the drums just slightly.

The "just" in "I just wanna..." had a lot of sibilance. Lowered those in the event just slightly.

.mp3    Life Gets In The Way.mp3 --  (Download: 8.46 MB)