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Life Gets In The Way
My mix.

Thanks for freely providing these high quality tracks. I bought the album to show my support and look forward to mixing the rest of the songs!

.m4a    Life Gets In The Way.m4a --  (Download: 9.73 MB)

Hi ALRmix

Nice balance, sounded good on the headphones, floor tom sounded maybe too big, but that could be my phones.
Really nice job!
Gear:-Zoom R24 interface, controller - Cubase/Reaper - Assorted Waves, Airwindows suite, AKG K240 Cans, Event TR5 reference monitors.
Hi Al! This sounds great! Powerful and punchy mix, well balanced.

Being super-picky, I think maybe the lead vocal could use just a tad more "air" on it. The toms sound superb on your mix, but I think maybe some of the tom hits later in the song a just slightly louder and pop out a bit too much.

Overall, top job!

Oh, and thank you so much for your support in buying the album - I hope you have fun mixing the songs!
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