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Flames Mix/Master - big/modern style - critiques welcome
Hi guys! So, if anyone's seeing this a second time, yeah there were a lot of issues with my first mix that I think I'd gone deaf to! This one feels much, much tighter, bass isn't poking through constantly and the guitars aren't super phasey, compressors are automated so there's nothing escaping and popping - new mixers, note that you'll want to move the DI's a couple samples to get them in line with the recorded guitars on this if you want to use them! Not sure why, but how it is.

So, my mix aim with this was to make it big, kind of modern, in contrast to the crunchier, more 90's style a lot have gone for, and fat. I *think* I succeeded in doing so? I kind of tried to match certain things to the final mix the band used - the vocals are a teensy bit louder than I would probably normally go for, the guitars a tad edgier.

Anyways let me know what y'all think and if I suck or anything haha. Any suggestions for improvements welcome!

If anyone has any tips for dealing with that high-pitch whistle in the guitars I'd love to hear 'em! Couldn't work out how to get rid of it while keeping the crisp - it was all over the 4-5K region.

.mp3    The Black Crown - Flames - Faux Mix Master Deux.mp3 --  (Download: 12.73 MB)