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Life Gets In The Way-Yoshi-Mix
This work must know where the author's thoughts are
I do not know the correct answer, but I made it according to my sensibility
It was a difficult work

Thank you for listening


.mp3    Life Gets In The Way-Yoshi-Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 9.68 MB)

Hey Yoshi, I like a lot of things about your mix. I love the way you have mixed the chorus - it sounds great and has nice width and impact. The overall frequency response and spread is good, with full low end, nice balanced highs and no muddiness or boxiness.

A few observations:
- the snare sounds a little "flappy" (for want of a better word) - might need just a little more transient impact at the front end of the snare sound.
- In the second and final choruses, the "chimey" guitars are a little far forward and compete with the vocals.
- The kick drum is really clicky - maybe dial that back a bit, especially in the verses.

Overall, good stuff - thanks for sharing!
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Hi FytaKyte

Thank you for your feedback
It is salvation that I follow the author's intention
I am a little relieved
My snare is made sharp so I loosen it
I can improve the snare loosening
Thank you for always providing good work

Thank you