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Man About A Dog: 'Maggie May'
Man About A Dog: 'Maggie May'

.mp3    Maggie.mp3 --  (Download: 5.13 MB)

Hi, J! Good mix, matching the levels of the 2 vocal tracks was a cool idea, makes it seem as 2 different guys singing along (oddly, it feels kinda weirder in the second verse, you can notice it's the same guy double tracking, thou they gel well again around the end).

Main trouble for me is Guitar1 (left panned, main riff), sounds lower than the other and I think it is the one with the steadier and meatier arrangement (plus a minisolo). Putting it behind the other guitar, I think, makes the mix feel lacking (like you know, you don't know what's lacking but you know something is) a little.