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#49 Maggie May – The Last Time Heist
BummerSummer’s here and I gotta a lot to sweat and study so giving mixing a break. But I had time to lose it one more time!

I printed a rough mix in one hour, which I still can’t believe. Let it rest a couple of days in my mp3 and thought of ending it swift and easy, going after a “Exile On Main Street” sound. I wasn’t thinking of a perfect imitation, just something after that vibe.

But of course, once I revisited that LP it was dismaying to find just how bad it sounds! I thought then of replicating 60’s “Aftermath” era, with very colored tracks and a thick ambience. A day went away and I’ve so screwed it! There are things I’d like to keep (organ and guitars) but drums lost pretty much all the lowend; LV has too much slap and reflections and generally it just feels overdone. Still, I’d like to find a compromise between the two mixes, or shouldn’t I? I’m totally lost at the moment.

Update - V3

.mp3    48 - Maggie May v1 (very raw 1 hour mix).mp3 --  (Download: 6.56 MB)

.mp3    48 - Maggie May v2 (too long in the oven).mp3 --  (Download: 6.56 MB)

.mp3    49 - Man about a Dog - Maggie May (Deliza Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 6.48 MB)

This song got swag. The vocal in the second is behind both the organ and guitar. Your first mix is by far much better "overall". I'm not sure if you could totally merge the two but the organ in v2 sounds pretty wide and might sit nice in the v1 mix. Your v1 just sort of lacks airy dynamics, sounds like need some reverb going.
"I pity the fool" (that's me) that makes better work in 1 hour than 1 day!
V1 has no reverb whatsoever, it was supposed to be supersketchy but it's true that it sounds better, thou I hope some of the greasy character of v2 can merge with it.

¡Muchas gracias!
No easy compromise between those two and still fond for the more coloured "60s" version, what do I do? What the heck, I'll go for a heavily panned, after "Highway 61 Revisited", sound (credit here to KMuzik, who did it before). Not trying to be exactly period faithful, thou. I'm vaguely aware that v1 would be more generally accepted, but this is gonna be it for now.

I really think there's a place for this kind of sound even today (hopefully, done with better chops than me) and maybe bass-drums-voice in the center, toms and guitar panned shouldn't be that much gospel 100% the times.

.mp3    49 - Man about a Dog - Maggie May (Deliza Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 6.48 MB)