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#46 LOSTMYWAY - Radio City #1Record Sisters Lovers Mix
Lovely tune with hellokitty levels of cute and supercool "postcredits-scene" piano and bass licks. I just didn't feel like being done with it

I ducked LV to the BV's to help with the vocal rides. Pitched down the snare, just a little bit but it kinda helped make it sit better in the mix, especially thru the verses. As usual, open hats get all over the stereo and pretty much out of control, I'm still learning!

Rush to your summerschool of rock, if you didn't get the thread title!

.mp3    46 - Swinging Steaks - Lost My Way (Deliza Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 8.5 MB)

Hey Deliza

Very nice job, you handled the bass tone really well and it sat nicely. Acoustic sat and sounded great. Pitching the snare down also worked nicely. Allover balance was really nice too. The only thing that stuck out to me were the BGV's, they had a cool translation in the headphones with that processing, but on the monitors and my small system they kind of felt like they sat too far back, but that's subjective
And, nice fade that worked nicely.

As always a really nice job!


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Funny, those BVs; I was afraid it'd be the other way and they'd end up having too much presence when using speakers, so that's the less of 2 evils, I guess. Thanks for the tip, K!