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Oh life
Here is my mix of that great song. I went for a nice and big sound.

.mp3    oh lifemp3.mp3 --  (Download: 6.81 MB)

I kept some low end in piano, I hi passed it around 80Hz, usually I do 100, but it sounds bigger
and beefier that way.
Sorry for the late reply my ears are cooked from too many live gigs lately !
Your mix Sounds well balanced , on my monitors thinking some more overall lower mids and the vocals could come up a touch !
Cheers Big Grin

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I agree. I think that main vocal came too bright. This song has a dense instrumentation. I will do a revision with darker main vox and more low mids.
Maybe i will change the tone of bass guitar too, so it ocupies more low mids and less sub bass.
Version 2.

.mp3    olmp32mp3.mp3 --  (Download: 6.81 MB)

So I did something interesting to bass, i ran it through free plugin similar to roland dimension D to widen it while leaving anything under 100Hz mono. Main vocal is a bit darker but now it has more upper mids instead of treble and air.
As I tamed a bit acoustic guitar, I could hear more piano.
3rd revision of this song. I removed bass from the first part of the first verse and it sounds to me better. I also changed the panning of tambourine, it was hard right, now I moved it to 50 percent to the left. I also separated acoustic guitar and piano, I panned each 10L and 10R so that they are close to the center but are not in the same spot.

.mp3    oh life mix3.mp3 --  (Download: 6.81 MB)