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Arto mix
Here's my take on it. I went a little less "hard" percussion forward and attempted to develop a quite *big* space to circumscribe the action within the piece. I also put some movement into the synths - to include some different stereo field treatments on the "drone" to help it 'pulse' a bit more interestingly. Overall, this vision is a bit less "in your face" across the percussion spectrum as some of the other mixes seem to be thus far.

Of note - many thanks to the group for letting us mix this!

After saying that, I'm not understanding some of what happened at the recording stage of this production. I spent several years doing mobile recording, and I'd have had a hard time getting repeat engagements if I let as much clipping occur as happens on several of these tracks. It's all good (and good practice for us in dealing with it), but I'm wondering what the gain/recording chain decisions were (or were not) given the results.

In any case, cheers and hope this is at least interesting to listen to:

.mp3    Arto Full Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 7.85 MB)

So here's another interpretation (I echo the previous poster here who lamented being able to talk to the artist(s) about their vision on this piece). This version allows for more dynamic movement as well as better space development - and the the synth elements are brought in just a tad slower. There were also some smaller percussion elements that on reflection were too far forward in the mix and stereo field. Various other tweaks throughout.

.mp3    Arto Full Mix 2.mp3 --  (Download: 7.86 MB)