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Georgia Wonder - Siren

My mix. Comments welcomed.


.mp3    Georgia Wonder - Siren.mp3 --  (Download: 16.27 MB)

I like this, you have really captured that swimmy feeling of the dream like disco...

You have also got the genre right to... i think you have mixed it according to the types of tracks like abba, i was half in mind to use a flanger on backing vocals and you have an dit sounds decent. i.e got the drums and bass upfront and the vocals more upfront. I think I was a bit too strong with the drums as i haven't quite caught that 'gentle' feel which you have got.

good mix

Thanks for the comments - glad you enjoyed the mix.

Seems a long time since I attempted this track, quite fun to play it back again.

I suspect the 'swimmy' feeling is more down to the way the parts were recorded, rather than anything I planned. I recall all the tracks had a bit of a strange quality to the mids, and it was tough to mix. I think it was quite a big session too, and took quite a while to get everything organised.

Yeah, I probably was a little bit too conservative with the bass, and not so strong with the drums back then. I'll have to see if I can find the session, but I'm fairly sure I didn't add any effects on the backing vocals.