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#45 (When) The Wind (Blows)
Evening, ladies! Finishing the Fergessen trilogy, a nice band with personality and some odd recording habits (those summed saturated vocals) but "personality goes a long way"!

I digged the JohnnyMarresque guitar on the left, thou I'd have wished the other, main rhythm guitar a little cleaner or maybe it was my fault, masking and clarity issues are my curse. Some drum replacement, easily spotted by anyone I guess.

Whatever, great monolythic drumming and some cool "cris de combat" choirs (no more I couldn't restraind myself of doing the customary cheesy French reference).

.mp3    45 - Fergessen - The Wind (Deliza Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 7.28 MB)

A nice raw clarity and dare I say it a "simplified sound". This allows those 2 guitar parts to really shine in their own right. Great sound Deliza. Very cool.
I've been around these parts for a while now and are familiar with most of the tracks but this one, I don't believe I've heard before. After this audition I'm pretty keen to have a crack at it myself.
I'll be glad to see you try, Dave! You'll find weird things like 4 mics on one acoustic guitar and like 2 or 3 vocals printed in one track called "lead vocal" which makes zero sense but seems to be "de rigueur" for this band. But they have punch and a cool air of "grandeur" (I can't stop being silly now!) and I'm kinda sad there's no more tunes of theirs to mix here. Have a disco-level-cool weekend!