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Enter The Haggis: 'Two Bare
New mix,4 hours

.mp3    Two bare hands master.mp3 --  (Download: 7.61 MB)

Nicely done Takka. Retains the live space and feel with good definition throughout. I could bear to hear more bass guitar. Other than that I like this a lot.
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Cheers mate
Hi Alan, I really like your vocal treatment here. You smoothed the peaky hi-mid character in his voice very well. The ambience on the vocal really suits it as well. The drums punch nicely and sound very good.

I think, in addition to a little more bass (as per MITC), I'd like to hear a touch more guitar as well - to drive the song along a little better. Nice work!
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Cheers mate,glad you liked it.Some of these live songs can be a real struggle
Hi takka360,

Very nice mix.

Have you applied any autotune to the voice? Which one? It sounds very well.
What effects have you used to the voice track?