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It's never too late for submitting a mix... right? Angel

Overall I think I am on to something good with this mix.
I did it in about 3 hours.
Sound wise: I am in trouble with the "acoustic" drums esp snare...
I also found difficult to fit the bass.
Vocals, for the first time ever in my mixes I think they sound really good.
Pity that the final conversion to AAC sacrifices a bit of definition on the high end.

Arrangement wise, I didn't like the long tails on elec guitars and I found nice to fade them out on rhythmic changes.

Any feedback is welcome!

UPDATED MIX! "Heartbeats-X1", below.
Had some fun revisiting old mixes, since upgraded some gear during time

.m4a    Juliets Rescue - Heartbeats.m4a --  (Download: 7.94 MB)

.m4a    Juliets Rescue - Heartbeats-X1.m4a --  (Download: 10.04 MB)

Hi mate
It was never going to be an easy task blending the electronic kit in the verses and acoustic samples in the choruses but I think you have done a splendid job!
The acoustic kick & snare (especially the snare) could come up a bit in the chorus to help balance the transition between the two different sections of samples, but you have the bass nailed.
Maybe lower the volume of the pumping buzz bass synth a tad and that's about it.
Great mix!
...especially for 3 hours!!!
I spent about 15 hours all up across a couple of nights on my version...I'm waaay too slow to hire as a pro studio mixer Big Grin

So many songs, so little time!
Sorry, kinda late answering back... Big Grin
Very valid feedback, cheers!
I've uploaded a new mix attached above, named Heartbeats-X1