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Anna Blanton-Rachel-Samm's Mix

Here's my mix of Rachel.
Any feedback will highly be appreciated, otherwise enjoy.

.mp3    Rachel-Samms Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 7.61 MB)

Hi Samms!
I apologize for my English.Big Grin

Good job but...
On the first chorus I hear some mudness at the low end. Just right on the words "Oh Rachel". I don't know what the sound with bass at the same time. (I don't have project anymore) Audio position in Audacity right at: 01 m,23 sec. And second phrase just the same one, on the words "Sweet Angel". At the words: "saying goodbye is the hardest to do especially now" - and further, violins sounds very loud and I not hear lyric at the end of sentence.
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