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Ale Lak: 'Nosso Mundo Deixou De Existir
Seems like this song has already been covered but I'd thought I would throw my mix up anyway. Awesome song and fun to mix! Used headphones and tried out sonarworks. Thanks for any feedback.

.mp3    Ale Lak - Nosso Mundo Deixou De Existir - Nick Marabeas Mix 5-17-19.mp3 --  (Download: 7.12 MB)

Cool mix! Good balances overall, though the bass guitar is a bit tucked in. I'd like to hear more of the little accent notes and walking parts it does throughout the song.

Very cool use of delay throws on the lead vocal for interest.

Tonally, the mix is somewhat dark; the sonarworks might be leading you astray.

Keep up the good work!