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NP MIX - Jesper Buhl Trio
I just finished this mix.
The first thing I did was set the volumes, that I later adjusted.
I applied EQ on almost all the tracks, also create separated tracks in wich I aplied the reverb without any of the dry in order to give some space, I don't totally understand how to use the reverb yet.

I hope to get any feedback in order to improve.

Thanks in advance.


.mp3    MR0804_JesperBuhlTrio_Full.mp3 --  (Download: 14.5 MB)

I don't think I've heard anyone leave the introductory material; it's admissible if you think it adds charm or character.

The reverb on those stick clicks at the very beginning sounds like a very short delay effect; is that what you used for reverb? The compression is distracting on this track. On jazz and classical recordings, you will want to use less compression to get a more natural sound. The overhead mics on the cymbols is a bit overbearing.

What did you do with the EQ? I would appreciate more bass from the kick drum and bass. I hated on the compression a bit earlier, but I think it adds to the chaotic nature of the ensemble around 2:30 and following; sounds nice there! The bass solo sounds good at 3:20 and after, too; good balance (maybe too much hi hat? but it seems to be experiencing sidechain compression?). The end is sloppy :-)

Good work. Still pleasant to listen to.
Hi Imat,
Thanks for the response.
On the sticks is the OldSkoolVerb (voxengo) set as "empty stage". I will try to remember to use less compressions in this genre.
The Kick has an excter, compression and a bit of reverb. The bass has on the EQ a low shelf, a couple of bands gains between 120 and 2.5k and a low pass filter on 5k.
I don't know what is "sidechain compression".
What could help to improve the end?

Thanks again for the feedback. Truly welcomed.