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W.I.N.D.: 'Temporary Happiness'_mix Tommy Marcinek

Choir! Yes!

I don't know, but some of the mixes I've heard in here sound a bit too "bright" the highs being, well, too high. I know that I am now struggling with some hearing loss in the upper frequencies, hence, some of my mixes are too bright also. That is why I used a good reference track for this and it sounds less bright compared to other mixes but it's more "pro" reflective of the proper balance in frequencies, etc.

I remember that there was a time when I used to "sound replace" certain drum sounds like the kick and/or snare. I don't have to do that anymore with some of the plugins out there....even free ones, used correctly, can give you just about any sound you want from the original track as long as it was recorded with a decent level of quality. So, nothing sound replaced and I'm sorry but I like bass and kick so those are kind of prominent but not overly so as the song is just "massive" in the way it was recorded and the song itself. :-)



.mp3    Temporary Happiness_7M.mp3 --  (Download: 11.32 MB) - Tommy Marcinek