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Cotton Drifting "Rainy Day II" - vanbasMix
Hi !

Big Grin

.mp3    CottonDrifting_RainyDayII_vanbasMix.mp3 --  (Download: 11.77 MB)

Man, I'm super late to the party here.

But, I like a lot of things about your mix. The end part sounds super dark and I like that. I think you did a real nice job with the backing vocals and all the reverby effects work real nice. The balance in general seems very good. The snare stands out really well in the beginning and it's kinda neat that it drops out a little bit after. My only complaint would be that there is an entire guitar part missing in the last half of second part (hopefully my locators make sense here!). I personally like having the higher pitched guitars come in at that point but I could see where they might just make the song too busy.

Thanks for the mix submit, I like it!