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Jazz Trio - First love
My first mix ever. I need advice to improve my skills.

As it was my first try I found myself a little bit lost in knowing what to do and what is the right approach.


.mp3    Jazztrio.mp3 --  (Download: 5.64 MB)

These are intentionally set aside as "newbie" mixing projects: they're supposed to be easy to make into something palatable, but with opportunities to do excellent work.

You did fine. In my ears, the cymbals are a little much. I like the stereo position of the cymbals, though. The balance between piano and snare is good.

This piece being in the jazz world, most of the exercise is staying your hand: don't add excessive this or that, which you've done well. However, there are some things you can do to enliven the recording. For instance, the bass lacks bass a bit. The piano is fairly unclear and can be made clear by cutting perhaps 300 -500 Hz? (I didn't measure.) Another mix on here (I think very recently put up) removed most of the singing along!

Overall, this is nice to listen to. Thanks!